Beach Bride – Beach Wedding Ceremony

Do you hear wedding bells in the air? Has Prince Charming finally asked you to be his “forever as you both shall live”? Imagining a beach wedding ceremony, where you’ll be standing by a turquoise sea, white gown floating in the breeze?

First of all, congratulations, Bride. You are embarking on a new and exciting journey with someone who has sworn to love you for the rest of your life. That gives you ample reason to celebrate – and to celebrate in a great, incredible and unforgettable way!

So, how to make your dream beach wedding ceremony a reality? Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Beach Combing

Perhaps you already have the perfect beach resort in mind. Maybe you don’t. But when you’re looking for the most excellent setting for your once-in-a-lifetime “I do’s”, you should be willing to take the effort to scout around. So, go ahead and scour the world over for that perfect location. And don’t forget to check the resort facilities as well. Though everyone will be keeping their fingers crossed that you’ll have only sunshine on your wedding, you’ll need a back-up place to run in case it pours.

2. Dresses

Since your wedding will be held outdoors, it would be good to consider using light material for your dresses. Perhaps you can get your bridesmaids to wear cocktail or tea-length dresses made out of chiffon or other light fabric. You can still opt to wear a full-length gown if you want, but make sure you’ll be able to dance and walk on the sand in it.

3. Decorations

The nice thing about a beach wedding ceremony is that you won’t have to decorate the place much. The sparkling sea, crumbling sand and breath-taking sunset will paint the picture for you. But to make the scenery even more picturesque, consider setting up torches along the shore for a romantic pathway when evening falls. Hang lanterns or ribbons on trees. The possibilities are endless.

Plan Your Perfect Beach Wedding Ceremony

A perfect beach wedding ceremony is like a dream come true for many people.

The problem is that too many times people mistakenly think they just can’t afford to make it happen. So in turn they settle for a church wedding that can easily exceed the cost of a wedding on the beach! If you are like many others and you would love to have that perfect beach wedding ceremony, then don’t give up on your dream – there are lots of options open for you to consider to make your dream beach wedding come true.

Consider Beach Locations Near You

You don’t have to go to an exotic location in order to enjoy your perfect beach wedding ceremony. Consider finding an oceanside location that is no more than just a few hours drive from your home if possible. Otherwise, time researching other destinations that may work as your backdrop may bring out lots more areas to consider. You might be surprised as to how many options you will find where you would be happy to get married.

Enlist the Help of Others

You can get everyone to pitch in so you can afford the wedding of your dreams. A perfect beach wedding ceremony doesn’t have to be extravagant in order to provide you with a memory of a lifetime. In fact, this is one occasion where the more laid back and simple your wedding ceremony is, the more intimate and memorable it will probably be. So in order to focus on your beach wedding ceremony, consider making your ceremony and reception very informal and enlist the help of relatives and friends to help with the wedding preparations.

A Perfect Beach Wedding Ceremony Scenario

An officiate is standing near the ocean, looking toward the beach where attendees are standing along the beach with no shoes and nice breezy, simple attire. The bride and groom walk from the beach toward the beautiful ocean and to the officiate who will be performing the ceremony. There are gorgeous hibiscus and tulips worn in the womens’ hair and the beach is decorated with simple shells. Just before sundown the couple exchanges their wedding vows and make their way through the gathering as they are greeted with congratulations and friendly good wishes. If this is your idea of your perfect wedding on the beach, then this doesn’t have to cost the earth to provide you with those wonderful wedding memories.

No matter what your perfect beach wedding ceremony plays out in your mind, it is entirely possible to make it happen in real life. All it takes is a little creativity and passion. Don’t let finances or tradition get in the way of you planning the wedding day of your dreams. Instead work within your means and don’t settle for anything less than what you want for your wedding day. This is your once-in-a-lifetime special day so make it count and make it a perfect wedding ceremony for you.

How to Have the Perfect Beach Wedding

To guarantee that you will have the perfect beach wedding is impossible, but when you ask the right questions you will be prepared for all situations that can come up. There are some very important questions that need to be asked regarding the planning of your beach wedding. There are regulations regarding the use of the beach and they may varying from beach to beach. You will need to get permission to use the beach and the regulations for that particular beach. You should find the answers to these questions. Here are some of the more important one to consider: Can the beach of your choice even be used for a wedding? Does the beach require a permit? Where do your obtain a permit and how much does it cost? What are the regulations? Where are the closest restrooms? Are they outhouses? Is there any place to prepare food for serving? How about electricity? Will I have to use battery operated music and lights for the evening? Can I put up tents or awnings to protect against the direct sun or rain? How do I protect the food and wedding cake from sand and sun? Can my guests smoke and what to do with the cigarette butts? How about alcohol? You might not be allowed to have either on the beach. Can I have tiki torches, lanterns or candles on the reception tables? How about a bonfire? Many beaches have blackout periods when fires are not permitted even in a camp ground during the fire season. What are the regulations regarding the use of tiki torches, candles, lanterns, etc? You’ll need to find out when that is. Can I even serve food on the beach to a crowd? What do I do about the garbage? Do I supply or does the beach supply garbage cans or sacks? Can a certain area be sectioned off, reserved for the wedding so other beach goers don’t go traipsing through and interrupting the wedding?

What time of day do you want your wedding? Sunrise or Sunset? You should steer clear of a mid-day wedding, for that is the hottest time and your cake will melt into a puddle and it would be hot for you and your guests. If you have it in the evening just before sunset, you’ll want to remind your guests to bring jackets or sweaters along.

Since I know you are smart enough to be planning way in advance, you’ll need to know what the weather will be like at the time your wedding will occur. You should know what the tides will be like, whether they will be coming in or going out during your wedding as you don’t want to get washed away or have to interrupt the ceremony or reception to move everything to higher ground. Then there is the question of rain? Where I live, Ocean Shores, Washington. It can cloud up and rain even in the middle of the summer. You will need a back up plan. You will need to let everyone know where to go in advance in case of this. You’ll also want to take a trip to the beach of choice at the time of day that your wish to have your wedding to see how busy and noise the beach is. The ocean itself sometimes is extremely loud. This could cause the guests not to be able to hear the wedding ceremony. Then there are those pesky seagulls. Are there many of them? Will they cause problems when the food is served? What about mosquitoes or other bugs? How windy is it at that time of day? A breeze is nice and heavy wind is not! Some beaches smell bad at certain times. You’ll want to check it out. Will you use chairs on the beach? Are they allowed? Who will put them up and take them down? You will need a set up and take down team, that will also clean up any trash and leave the beach clean. You can be assured that this will be a part of the regulations. How about music? How will you do this if there is no electricity?

You may not have realized how much work goes into the planning of a beach wedding. Just having the ceremony on the beach with the reception, still a beach theme, somewhere else indoors close by will solve a lot of those problematic questions. Either way with planning you can have your dream beach wedding without the surprises by know what questions to ask. Check out my ideas for decorating a beach theme wedding reception.